MSecure Proactive Solution

Unified, scanning engine that provides comprehensive protection without compromising speed, runs inside the windows kernel checking for malicious activity & prevents even before it can execute & removes all traces virus, Trojan, worms, spyware, phishing, adware and malware & other threats from the process and registry.

MSecure Technology

In most cases MSecure antivirus detection engine can identify and stop a new threat without requiring an update. However, MSecure antivirus automatically checks hourly for updates to signatures and heuristics, providing a solid backup to the proactive detection.

MSecure antivirus Antivirus System provides protection against both known and unknown malware. It intelligently combines traditional signatures for fast identification of known threats and heuristics+ and generic signatures & for proactive detection of new threats.

MSecure antivirus is much more than antivirus protection; it is a comprehensive, unified defense against worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, rootkits and other malicious threats. Running multiple applications for antivirus, antispyware and others can slow your PC, be difficult to manage, and does not necessarily offer the best protection. MSecure antivirus was designed as a single, highly -optimized shield against a broad range of threats, providing the most efficient and effective protection.

MalwareSecure Antivirus

MSecure antiviru offers layered and efficient protection for various systems. With this, servers, clients and mail gateways are well-guarded against possible attacks. It also offers the Enterprise Edition ideal for businesses that need to protect their respective computer systems and applications. Interestingly, it has a remote administration console allowing business owners to beef up their operations.

MSecure WebSecurity

MSecure WebSecuty is a proprietary innovative Next Generation software package provide an utmost level of websecurity for Home and Business users. When you are running a business as an entrepreneur, you need your employees to follow the various underlined company policies. But the rules are broken very often as far as surfing the web and opening prohibited sites are concerned. MSecure WebSecuirty provides full proof web security. It’s completely a cloud based solution which filters all your inbound and outbound traffic without any latency lag.

URL Categorization Intelligence

The MSecure url database has the largest, most accurate collection of website category information available. It contains millions of unique websites, broken down into more than 100+ categories, in addition to clear, accurate and lightweight reputation ratings for URLs, domains, etc. MSecure URL Categorization intelligence provides a simple, straight-forward implementation that supports the a local mirror of the master MSecure URL DB, with continuous updates for new URLs as they are categorized.s.

Auto Categorization Intelligence

The advanced, self-learning MSecure network, continuously scans the Internet for pages with dynamic content (e.g. search, social networking or blogging sites). It uses real time webpage

Global OEM Partner Program for White Label / Rebrand Solution

You can significantly grow your business and increase revenue with our white label solutions. white label program works by providing a completely branded version from our software portfolio under the your name.

Advantages of becoming MSecure White Label Partner

  • Save your time and money!
  • You are free to set your own price to your clients.
  • You are free to set your own marketing policy
  • Your product engine will be based of MSecure antivirus/ antispware & proactive (code emulation), Firewall , Web-filtering, Data Loss Prevention(mass storage), Parental control, Time Restriction technology